Alex Keyes improves to 2nd in overall ARX2 Championship


It was a wild weekend for the #4 DRiV // Racing4Detroit car that featured some ups and downs and even a few roll-overs. Saturday's round 3 of ARX2 saw the team run fast all day long, win the semifinal to take pole position for the final, and then lead 5 1/2 laps of the final race. Unfortunately, upon exiting the joker section in that final lap, contact with another car sent Alex Keyes in the #4 car into a double rollover crash to end the day.

Fortunately, Alex popped out of the car unscathed as the Racing4Detroit crew got right to work on the car to get it ready for Sunday. And thanks to their hard work, late night, and early morning, the car was ready for practice at 9:00 AM. Coincidentally, when the car launched for the start of the practice session, one of the rear axles snapped, which our team of mechanics was able to replace in time for Qualifier #1 at 9:30 AM.


The DRiV // Racing4Detroit car won all three qualifying races, finished third in the semifinal race, but was unable to pick up any spots in the final after starting at the back. It was a whirlwind weekend that resulted in the team gaining points and position in the championship, while leaving the car battered, bruised, and in need of a full overhaul to be ready for the next day of racing!