Nearly 30 schools represented at first Teen Street Skills programs


The 2019 season of Teen Street Skills kicked off last Wednesday and Thursday in Corktown, at the proving ground next to Michigan Central Station. Students from 29 different SE Michigan schools participated in the quartet of sessions, including high schools all around Metro Detroit, a few local colleges and universities, and even some students from Ann Arbor and Brighton.

Changes to the course layout this year, which include enhancements to the emergency braking and skid control exercises, have improved the experience and effectiveness of those exercises. Participants now drive a kidney-shaped lined course to better demonstrate a real-world skidding experience.


The team continues to receive positive feedback on all aspects of the program, including the instructors, the curriculum, and brand image.

What the parents had to say:

The program was a great experience. Although neither of my children wanted to participate they are both glad they did. We all learned a lot.

Excellent program, should be mandatory for anyone getting a drivers license.

Very positive instructors who truly care for the safety of our children.

What participating students had to say:

Not only do I feel like I learned a lot, but it was a ton of fun too.

The instructors were nice and the program was extremely helpful.

It was fun and very informational.

We continue to spread the word about the Teen Street Skills program and look forward to educating more teens as the summer continues. The program resumes July 23rd and 24th and you learn about future dates at